Case Study - Torque Fitness

Torque Fitness was facing a pressing dilemma as the holiday season approached, with Black Friday around the corner, they we're behind on target revenue goals, and were not meeting their financial objectives for the year. The current advertising team was not executing effectively, leading to poor campaign performance.

Assessment Findings

A deep dive into their situation revealed a critical need for rapid intervention:
Identified poor strategy execution requiring urgent and strategic overhaul. It was evident that without immediate and impactful changes, Torque Fitness would miss out on the critical holiday sales period, especially Black Friday.

Our Solution

With only a week to go before Black Friday, we sprang into action:
Restructured ads, fixed tracking, and strategized creative campaign in record time. Our team worked tirelessly to overhaul the entire advertising strategy, ensuring every aspect from ad structure to tracking and creative direction was optimized for success.


The turnaround was nothing short of spectacular:
Record-breaking Black Friday sales. Torque Fitness experienced its most successful Black Friday ever, achieving two months' worth of sales in just two days.


"The team came on board just a week before Black Friday - They overhauled our ads, fixed tracking, and completely reimagined our campaign. I think they did a month's worth of work in a week. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday we made more money than we had in 2 months combined; marking our biggest Black Friday ever. It was a record-breaking achievement that has set a new standard for our future campaigns."

Case Study Summary

As the holiday season loomed, Torque Fitness was in a precarious position, lagging behind their revenue goals and saddled with an ineffective advertising strategy. With Black Friday rapidly approaching, a time when the stakes were incredibly high, they needed a miracle. That's when we were brought in, with just a week to spare, to turn things around. 

Our team swiftly diagnosed the issues at hand—from ad structure to tracking problems—and implemented a comprehensive new strategy tailored for Black Friday. The execution was flawless, not only meeting the tight deadline but also setting a new sales record for the company. This remarkable turnaround not only salvaged the holiday season for Torque Fitness but also demonstrated the power of a well-strategized and executed advertising campaign, even under the most pressing deadlines.
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