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SpotOnSite - The Problem

SpotOnSite was not generating enough leads to offset their development expenses, and needed to bring in their first beta users to collect essential feedback on their platform. The challenge was also to attract property managers responsible for multiple properties to utilize their estimation and proposal supplement tool designed for paving contractors.

Assessment Findings

Lacked a clear acquisition strategy and focused too much on adding features: Spot On Site hadn't developed a strategy for attracting new users, overly concentrating on enhancing the platform with features instead of promoting it effectively.

Our Solution

To tackle these hurdles, we crafted a specialized B2B prospecting strategy. This approach aimed at making potential clients feel individually noticed and catered to through a drip-fed, warm, and distinctive method, emphasizing personal connection and value.


• This strategic move resulted in a sales increase of 35%.

• Remarkably, within just 10 minutes of launching the campaign, we secured a new lead, demonstrating the immediate effectiveness of our custom approach.


"It was crazy to see a solid lead on the first day the campaign went live the - team is very knowledgeable about messaging and positioning."

Case Study Summary

Spot On Site, a company providing an estimation and proposal supplement tool for paving contractors, faced critical issues in lead generation, beta user acquisition, and engaging property managers with multiple properties. The absence of a strategic plan for user acquisition and an overemphasis on feature development were pinpointing as pressing problems. By introducing a targeted B2B prospecting strategy, we not only boosted their sales by 35% but also captured a new lead within the campaign's first 10 minutes. 

This case study underscores the significance of having a focused marketing strategy and shows how immediate positive outcomes can be achieved with the correct tactics. Addressing these challenges was pivotal for Spot On Site, impacting their ability to recoup development costs and refine their product based on user feedback, which was essential for their financial health and expansion prospects.
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