Case Study - Prestige Inc.

Prestige Inc., a remote online authorization company specializing in reaching unresponsive lost claimants for mass tort firms, was facing severe financial difficulties, operating at a substantial loss each month. Reliance on a single third-party vendor and word-of-mouth for lead generation left them vulnerable, with no sustainable acquisition strategy in place.

Despite the high demand for their services, they suffered from a lack of visibility due to no SEO presence, and their messaging was unclear and unfocused, presenting too many services across various legal industry verticals. Before partnering with us, Prestige Inc. had spent $280,000 on marketing through nine different agencies without success.

Assessment Findings

Over-reliance on inefficient lead generation methods and a lack of clear, targeted messaging: Prestige Inc.'s approach to marketing was scattered, making it hard for potential clients to understand their core services and value proposition.

Our Solution

We took a radically different approach to address Prestige Inc.'s challenges.
Focused on a single niche and offer: We identified the service line with the highest potential for revenue and focused our efforts there. 


• The strategy paid off with cold email open rates soaring to 85% and Ad Click-Through Rates (CTRs) reaching 15%.

• Prestige Inc. began closing approximately two leads per week, leading to millions of dollars in revenue and generating numerous referrals from the satisfied client list.

Case Study Summary

Prestige Inc. was in dire straits, bleeding tens of thousands of dollars monthly with only six months left before going under. 

Their over-reliance on ineffective lead generation methods and a confusing array of services offered across too many verticals left them invisible in a market with high demand for their unique services. 

By honing in on a singular, high-potential service and deploying a targeted marketing approach that combined personalized ads and cold emails, we were able to dramatically turn their fortunes around. 

The results were nothing short of incredible, with exceptionally high engagement rates leading to significant revenue generation and a multitude of referrals. 

This case study exemplifies the power of a focused strategy, precision targeting, and the importance of crafting a clear, compelling message in the marketplace.
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