Case Study - The Mike Hostilo Law Firm

The Mike Hostilo Law Firm was struggling with tracking their marketing efforts, unsure of what strategies were effective. They primarily used outdated linear TV advertising methods, which provided no means to track results, and their digital advertising was disorganized. The firm was losing approximately $20,000 monthly due to inefficient ad spend and had no way to optimize their advertising efforts. Their website was noncompliant with current standards, and they lacked content to support their advertising efforts.

Assessment Findings

Inadequate tracking and outdated marketing methods: The Mike Hostilo Law Firm faced significant challenges due to the inability to track or measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, compounded by reliance on outdated advertising methods.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we took a multi-faceted approach:
• Implemented sophisticated tracking mechanisms, including event triggers and offline conversion tracking, to accurately measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

• Rebuilt the website with an emphasis on SEO parameters to improve visibility and compliance.

• Optimize the Digital Ad Campaign: We had to do a complete overhaul on the campaign, consolidating under performing ad groups, adding a ton of negative keywords, and finding what keywords and geographies were actually driving revenue and not just phone calls.

Launched a targeted content campaign on YouTube to reach potential clients more effectively and provide valuable content that backs up their advertising.


• The law firm experienced a record-breaking December, showcasing the immediate impact of the new strategies.

• Data demonstrated that the number of leads per month doubled, while the cost per acquisition was reduced by 50%.

• We provided conclusive evidence that digital marketing outperformed linear TV and traditional media by a minimum 4:1 ratio in terms of cost per acquisition.

Case Study Summary

The Mike Hostilo Law Firm faced dire challenges with their inability to track marketing outcomes, inefficient ad spending, and outdated marketing methods. 

Their situation was critical, risking substantial financial loss each month. By overhauling their tracking systems, optimizing their website for SEO, and shifting their advertising focus to digital platforms like YouTube, we revolutionized their marketing approach. 

The results were transformative, with the firm not only recouping losses but also doubling their leads and halving their acquisition costs. 

This case study illustrates the transformative power of adopting modern digital marketing strategies and the importance of tracking and analyzing data to refine and optimize marketing efforts.
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