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We help Saas, Tech, Software, AI tools & App. Dev. companies develop strategic marketing campaigns that work through the S.W.A.T. Method.
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"Kyber Is the Outlier in Revenue Generation and Growth Marketing."

Brandon Hopper - CMO, Torque Fitness
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If you are trying to add another zero to your annual revenue figure, you need to create messaging that your customers actually understand and have been wishing to hear.

If you want to be an industry leader, you need data-led growth campaigns that prove to your customers that you understand them.

The reason why Kyber's campaigns are so successful is because we follow and customized a coveted, gate-kept process proven by industry leaders.

"First time I've seen a company understand what we're trying to do - they GET IT."


The S.W.A.T Method

What is the S.W.A.T Method?


Assess your business and plan on how to get to your goals the fastest.
• How do you stand out from everybody else?
• Who are the people you are currently reaching?
• What do you say to get people to buy?
• Why do customers buy your product? 
• Where are customers coming from?


We produce video content that your buyers want to watch.
• Showcase expertise via storytelling
• We interview your staff, adding a "face" to your company making you easier to remember
• Give customers a real authentic & unfiltered view of your company
• Make videos showup at the top of Google & YouTube search


We put videos in front of the right people over and over, so they know who you are and you get new customers.
• Fastest way to get people to know you exist, and what problems you solve. 
• We run dozens of tests to make sure we know what customers actually care about
• Fastest way to get new clients


We fine-tune the strategy to ensure you spend less & get more customers.
• Lower cost to get new clients
• Gather information to make better decisions
• Train Google & Facebook what a good lead is, so they only show your ads to the right people
• Ensure you are "good to go" as the company scales

Partners & Work Exerperience.

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"Working with Kyber has been awesome. As soon as our content began going live we immediately saw traction. We even booked calls within 10 minutes of the campaign going live. We saw an ROI from month 1.”

Majewski Plumbing

"Before we started working with Kyber we didn't have any online presence. No one was calling us. Everything I did just did not work. We were making $7,000 x month, today we are making more than $100,000 x month. They make my work so much easier."

Rose Sanders Law Firm

"Morgan & Morgan called my office pissed off to try to find out how we were stealing all of their traffic."

Penn Delmar

“We had no online presence. Our industry had long sales cycles (12-24 months). We were reliant on network conferences to acquire new customers. After Kyber, we were able to make in 6 months what we used to make in a year”

If You Want to Make a Difference in Your Field, and Truly Be the Company That Your Customers Think of First, This Program Is for You.

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