"Working with Kyber has been awesome. As soon as our content began going live we immediately saw traction. We even booked calls within 10 minutes of the campaign going live. We saw an ROI from month 1.”

Majewski Plumbing

"Before we started working with Kyber we didn't have any online presence. No one was calling us. Everything I did just did not work. We were making $7,000 x month, today we are making more than $100,000 x month. They make my work so much easier."

Rose Sanders Law Firm

"Morgan & Morgan called my office pissed off to try to find out how we were stealing all of their traffic."

Penn Delmar

“We had no online presence. Our industry had long sales cycles (12-24 months). We were reliant on network conferences to acquire new customers. After Kyber, we were able to make in 6 months what we used to make in a year”
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